Do you know a couple considering divorce?

Before You Divorce is a resource that equips you with tools to show this couple the stark, painful consequences of a decision to proceed with divorce. It is designed to show couples that the pain and trauma of divorce are often much worse than the difficulties they now face in the marriage.

Before You Divorce can be used by friends, family members, counselors, or pastors who are concerned and who want to help keep the couple together. It is not marriage counseling and can be used successfully by non-professionals. The Before You Divorce materials feature a biblical, Christ-centered approach to marriage restoration.

Originally published as a video/workbook resource kit, Before You Divorce is now available as a free, downloadable resource. You will find the following materials:

Facilitator’s Guide explains how to use the materials.

Workbook contains sections for taking notes, exercises to be completed between video sessions, and other helpful resources.

Five video sessions walk the couple through a different aspect of divorce and its impact on the husband, wife, and their children.

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These resources are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.

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Before You Divorce is published by Church Initiative, a nondenominational ministry designed to equip churches with effective ways to minister to hurting people and to share with them the good news of Jesus Christ. We believe the local church should remain the focal point of ministry. Our job is to provide you and your church with tools that are relevant to today’s culture while remaining faithful to never-changing biblical principles.

We currently offer four dynamic curriculums for local churches, including DivorceCare, DivorceCare for Kids, GriefShare, and Single & Parenting. Find out more at

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